The Gift of Being Unseen


There’s something in all of us that craves to be seen, to be noticed, to be praised. That’s why we want to have the best-selling book, the blue check on Instagram, or the fancy title at work.

Your desire to be seen actually comes from God, because you were meant to be seen by Him. You have a longing in your heart to be important because God designed you to be important to Him. The reason you crave praise is because your Heavenly Father delights in you and sings praises over you.

I’m ashamed to admit that many times I’ve misused seemingly good and seemingly God things to try to make myself seem important. It’s astonishing, actually, how successful you can be by being a professional Christian—just turn on Christian radio or stop by a Christian bookstore and you’ll know what I mean.

I’m not at all attempting to slam those industries—the majority of people in them have very noble and pure motives. However, I’m learning that there’s something our generation of Christianity is lacking, and that’s the gift of being unseen.

There is something beautiful, and holy, I think, about pouring out our lives in private, surrendered service to God. It’s easy to build a personal brand. It’s much harder to die to yourself and kill your selfish ambitions. It’s easy to get a lot of Instagram followers while talking about Jesus, if you play the game right. It’s harder to take up your cross and follow Him for yourself.

There’s a reason I call it the gift of being unseen and not the curse of being unseen. You can have a million Instagram followers and all the influence in the world yet never feel content. But you can be known by no one other than your Heavenly Father and feel the peace that passes all understanding.

If the fire in you doesn’t burn brighter than the fire on you, you’ll be consumed by the heat.

God desires that we understand we’re known by Him before we attempt to make Him known to other people. That’s why so many people in full-time ministry can burn out so quickly and often. If the fire in you doesn’t burn brighter than the fire on you, you’ll be consumed by the heat.

Open His Word and let it fill your life without posting a picture of your devotional on Instagram (guilty.) Allow yourself to be hidden to the world and be seen by God alone.

If you’re in a season of being unseen, don’t fight it. Rest in it. He sees you, and He’s preparing you for something bigger than you can imagine right now—but first, you have to be willing to embrace the gift of being unseen.

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