On Being Present


As I’m writing this, I’m four days away from getting married to my best friend. For the past few months, I’ve literally been counting down the days until this incredibly, amazingly exciting day that’s approaching very quickly.

One thing I’ve learned during the anticipation of our wedding day is how much weight we tend to put on certain “big” days—graduating, starting a new job, getting married, having kids, retiring, and so on. This isn’t inherently a bad thing—it’s good to anticipate those things, and we should absolutely be excited for them. Unfortunately, in our longing and expectation for the “big” moments we tend to miss out on our actual life happening in the small, everyday moments.

The beauty of life is not in how big our highlights are, but in how purposeful our everyday is. 

You can wish for a different yesterday and be regretful, or worry about what will happen tomorrow and be anxious, but I believe God calls us to live in the present—today, right here.

I’m so excited to get married this weekend, but I’m also equally as excited for the ordinary days that follow where I get to spend them with my best friend. I want to wake up every single day knowing how extraordinary the ordinary things in life really are. I want to live life every day in such a way that might make God smile and be thankful He gave me a gift I enjoyed so well.

Time does fly by quickly, and life is short, but I think when we begin live presently and purposefully we’re able to slow it down just a bit.

Let’s be present today, friends.

“God must be a pretty big fan of today, because you keep waking up to it. You have made known your request for a hundred different yesterdays, but the sun keeps rising on this thing that has never been known.” ― Jamie Tworkowski

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