Why It’s Not Too Late for You

Last year, I was attending a conference in Nashville where one of the guest speakers taught us about stories—why we love them, how they’re structured, and how we could tell stories that inspire others. So, she told us her story. It was both heartbreaking and comforting; defeating and triumphant at the same time. On the outside, she had a very successful career at an affluent company in the United States. Behind the scenes, however, her husband was having an affair and ended up leaving her and her young child alone. At this point, any normal person would feel defeated, abandoned, and alone. Despite her pain, the woman told us something I will never forget: “…But you see, my story wasn’t done,” she explained, “because God is the plot twist. God loves to swoop in and rescue.” 

I think some of us are afraid of our life stories, possibly because we often believe our life’s story has been written in permanent ink. I don’t know what your story is like—I don’t know the hurt and pain and brokenness you’ve experienced. Maybe your story involves waiting for something you’re not sure will ever come and might seem pointless to hope for, like a dream career, a marriage, or a child. Or perhaps your story involves mistakes you’ve made that you wish you could take back—you know, those mistakes. Our stories—and the details we many times choose to leave out—are what often define us. So we live in shame, regret, and disappointment in how our stories are turning out. 

Here’s the great news: despite the current trajectory of your story, it can be rewritten. Your story has a big, shocking, amazing plot twist, and that’s the grace of Jesus. It’s not too late. You haven’t strayed too far. What felt like a would-be tragedy could turn into the greatest testimony of God’s faithfulness. Why? Because just like the speaker said, God loves to swoop in and rescue. 

No matter what you’ve done, it’s not too late for forgiveness.

No matter how much you’ve been hurt, there’s still time for healing. 

No matter your disappointments or crushed dreams, there’s still time for God to surprise you.

It’s not too late today, friend. 

There’s a plot twist in your story, and God is about to swoop in.

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