When You Feel Unworthy

It’s always fascinated me how shepherds were the first people the angels told about Jesus’ birth. It certainly wasn’t a practical way to spread the news—shepherds didn’t exactly have a lot of influence in their day. In fact, their job duties caused them to constantly be dirty and they were never able bathe properly—so they would always be ceremonially unclean. They were actually even banned from the temple. 

I don’t know about you, but I feel that way sometimes—exhausting myself trying to be good enough, to be clean enough, to get into the temple. Some days I feel like a shepherd—never quite worthy enough of grace.

When the Messiah was born, the angels easily could have told priests or kings—but they chose to tell the shepherds first. Why? Perhaps, it was a small and subtle reminder for us what the true meaning of Christmas is. It’s not just about a baby in a manger or nativity scenes; Christmas is about our inability to get to God, so God came to us instead.

I don’t know where you’re at today, or what you’re struggling with. But you need to know something: Jesus came for you. You, even in the midst of your…


Jesus came for you. No matter if you didn’t have any or if you had all of the things on that list, He came for you. You. You, who often feels as lowly and as unclean as a shepherd. He came for you. You, even though you don’t quite feel worthy of His love, were chosen to be loved deeply by Him.

Today, you might not feel worthy enough of love, grace, and forgiveness—and in those times that you feel unworthy, remember what Christmas is all about:

Jesus came for you. 

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