When Your Dreams Aren’t Working Out

A few years ago, I wanted to work at specific organization a few states away from home. I believed I was supposed to, and I did everything to try and work there—whether through an internship or other means. In fact, I still distinctly remember thinking I heard God say clearly to me that I was supposed to be a part of that phenomenal organization. 

Here’s the thing: it never worked out. A few months after this, I ended up moving across the country to work at a different organization that I also loved and admired, but it wasn’t in my original plan. So, what happened? Did I hear God wrong? 

Sometimes we confuse our hopes and dreams with God’s, and our brains (and hearts) will do anything to convince us that they’re the same. As I’m growing more in faith, I’m discovering that the dreams God has for my life are usually different from what I plan—but they always end up being better.

God doesn’t always give us what we expect or what we want, but what we need. 

Often, we talk about delayed dreams—about something taking more time than we expected. What about the times where our dreams just flat-out miss the mark and never happen?

Two and a half years ago, if you were to ask me where I would be in a few years, I would have given you a few answers that had nothing to do with what I’m currently doing. I couldn’t have planned my life to look like it does now—only God could have done that. But it didn’t happen overnight. And there were many days where I had different expectations, and it felt like the end of the world when those dreams came crashing to the ground. 

If what you’re longing for and desiring isn’t quite panning out right now, perhaps God is wanting to do something different that you don’t even expect. Perhaps your Plan B or C is actually God’s Plan A, and you’re just a little too stubborn to realize it right now. 

Surrender isn’t just about giving God our bad stuff—our sins and mistakes—but it’s also about letting go of the good stuff too; our hopes and dreams for the future. 

Surrender is scary, because surrender doesn’t give us control any longer. But when you surrender your dreams, you’ll find that God had a better plan all along. 

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