Stop Waiting for Perfection

I don’t like messy—both literally and metaphorically. It stresses me out when things go undone, when task lists aren’t checked off, and when there’s still lots to do. Heck, I even get stressed out about things that are meant for enjoyment—like how many books are piling up on my reading list or how much many shows are cramming their way into my Netflix queue. It’s a sickness, I know. 

For too long, I’ve treated most events in life as a problem that needed to be solved, a hurdle that needed to be jumped, or an obstacle that needed to be avoided. It’s as if there was a target of perfection, and one day I was going to hit the bullseye.

The conundum here, however, is that life isn’t like that. You’re never going to hit the bullsye. Life is, by nature, messy. You’re never going to get it exactly “right”, and that’s perfectly okay. Because if you do get it right, you’re either lying, or it’s all fake. Either way, that’s no fun for anyone. 

I wonder how much more fun life would be if we didn’t treat every day as a stepping stone to something else, but treated each day as its own solid rock to stand on. I wonder how much more rewarding life would be if we stopped waiting for things to be perfect before we embraced the beauty and the goodness of ordinary days. 

You’re likely never going to have the “dream life” you want—the perfect house, perfect spouse, perfect kids, perfect school, perfect car, perfect job, you name it. Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect. As long as you’re longing for perfection, you’re going to be disappointed. But what if perfection isn’t the goal, but authenticity is instead? 

Life is waiting for you to drop the act and start living in the messiness—the realness, the ordinariness. 

Embrace today, even in its imperfection. Life’s better when it’s messy. 

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