Busyness, Pride, and Sabbath


That’s been my response to the question “how are you?” a lot lately. For a little while, I was proud of that. I would almost be bragging about how busy I am. I’m not the only one who does this, of course. So many people I know seem to get this rush or “high” from the idea of having a full schedule, of constantly having their attention consumed by something. 

Let’s just go ahead and get something out of the way: this is not about your work ethic. Busyness ≠ hard work, and hard work ≠ busyness. You can work really hard without being consumed by busyness. 

Why do you and I need people to think we’re constantly busy? Why are we secretly afraid of telling people when we actually get the amount of sleep we’re supposed to and that we work normal hours? 


Pride says that our meaning comes from what we achieve.
The Gospel says that our meaning comes from what Jesus achieved. 

This is why the Sabbath is so important and God commanded it (Deuteronomy 5:12). Sabbath tells us to take a day from achieving and focus our attention solely on trusting

The Sabbath wasn’t created to simply be a day off. The Sabbath was created and commanded to remind us that there is a great, big God in charge of the universe who is able to keep it running without us. The Sabbath was created to teach us to trust. 

Maybe that’s what you need. A day where you choose to be still and acknowledge God is in charge of the universe and you are not. A day where you focus on believing that your value comes solely from Him.

Sure, you’re still going to have a lot of things on your schedule, but maybe you’ll discover a new freedom to say “no” to things because you won’t be trying so hard to prove yourself anymore. 

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