On Storms

For the past few days in Oklahoma, it’s been a bit stormy. In fact, there’s a thunderstorm moving in right as I type this. This has gotten me thinking a lot about storms, life, and when Jesus steps in and when He doesn’t. 

As evening came, Jesus said to his disciples,
“Let’s cross to the other side of the lake.”
— Mark 4:35 NLT

Reading in Mark 4, something became clear to me that I never noticed before: Jesus led them into the storm. He knew there was a storm coming, and yet He said to his disciples, “Hey! Let’s go to the other side of this lake!” 

If you’re honest, have you ever feel like God actually led you into a storm? You stepped out in obedience—taking a new job, moving across the country, or making a financial sacrifice—and suddenly a storm starts brewing. 

We know how the story in Mark 4 plays out—Jesus calms the storm, asks His disciples why they didn’t have any faith, and life went on. But that’s not how it always happens. 

There are times where Jesus doesn’t calm the storm. Sometimes you go through the storm. And it’s hard. Things get damaged. The wind is blowing and battering up against everything, and there’s no stopping it.

In the midst of storms, this gives me hope: God can calm the storm even if He sometimes chooses not to. 

Your Heavenly Father, who loves you, has the ability to calm the storm you are in right now. And He might not. But, if He doesn’t, we can trust that He has a good reason for it. 

Why isn’t God calming that storm? I don’t know, but I know that He can, sometimes He doesn’t, and I can trust Him through it.  

He can. Sometimes He doesn’t. I can trust Him through it. 

He can.
Sometimes He doesn’t.

I can trust Him through it. 

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