It’s Not Going to Fix You

“If I just ______, life would be perfect.”

You filled in the blank, didn’t you?

If I just made more money…
If I just got married
If I just got my dream job
If I just lost weight
If I just got rid of my bad habits
If I just had more friends

I’m sure some of those were things you filled in the blank. None of those are bad things. In fact, some of them are great things.

But they’re not going to fix you. 

Over the past year, I’ve lost almost 60lbs. Which is crazy, now that I actually type out the number. It’s been great, and I feel so much better physically and emotionally. But you know what? It didn’t fix me. I’m still broken and messed up and I have a lot more things to work on. 

You will be frustrated with your life as long as you try to fix it or hope someone else or a new career or more money will fix it. We are not problems that need to be fixed, but people meant to be loved by a Heavenly Father.

God formed you out of nothing but dust and love and a dream. You weren’t designed to be fixed. You were designed to be loved.



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