Why I Ditched My Life Plan

I used to have a life plan.

Not necessarily a written down, detailed plan—but a plan nonetheless. It was the same plan most people have in America: I would go to college, get a great job, marry this girl, have 2.3 kids, drive a certain car, and live in the best neighborhood with an awesome house. And if I followed the imaginary plan, life would be perfect—right

I don’t have a plan like that anymore. Sure, none of those are bad things—in fact, some of them have happened and some likely will happen—but the problem with following these types of plans precisely is that I rarely find God working in those details. 

Instead, I find Him working in the places I didn’t plan on going. I find Him working in the waiting. I find Him working when I stop trying to work so much for Him. 

At some point, I realized life was much more rewarding when
Jesus was in charge of planning it, and not me. 

I’m afraid that in our pursuit of the American Dream, we often miss out on seeing how incredible God’s work in our lives and in the world can be. When you choose to obey God above all else—including your pre-designed life plan—you’ll find that He’ll have you do things that are a little weird and a little scary. But when you put your entire life on the line trusting in His promises, He will always, always be faithful. 

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