The Intention Gap

“I’ve been meaning to talk about that issue on our team.” “I was intending to talk to you about that idea.”

Have you noticed that there’s a gap between our intentions and our reality?

Here’s the thing: there’s not a single top-notch, high-performance organization that was built with people who had good intentions.

Any great organization that you know of became a great organization because their people propelled the vision and mission forward by action and not by intention.

So what’s at stake?

If you continue in the path of having good intentions and not sparking action, someone else on your team will begin to take things into their own hands. And that person will begin to become the de facto leader, no matter their title or place in the org chart. And if you’re a bad leader, you’ll end up firing them. But if you’re a great leader, you’ll join them and do whatever you can to help them.

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