What if they do it better than I did?

Recently, I handed over a project that was, for lack of a better term, my baby.I poured months and months of my heart and soul into this project.

So when it came time to hand it off to someone else, I had the normal questions in my mind: “What if they mess it up? What if all that work was for nothing?” I think those questions are fairly normal.

Then came the ugly question that I wish I didn’t ask. The question that shows that I, in fact, have a prideful heart:

“What if they do it better than I did?”

This question shows that I was still holding on to something I had no right to hold on to. I had it let it go.

Great leaders aren’t afraid of people who might be better than they are. Great leaders aren’t afraid of younger versions of themselves who might work them out of a job. Great leaders aren’t afraid of letting go.

I’ll let you in on a secret: it was never yours to begin with.

Every single project, person, or thing under your influence is ultimately not yours. If you’re a Christian, than you understand that God owns it all, and we are just stewards of what He’s given us for the short period of time we had with it.

Let me pose a couple of questions:

Is it possible that your pride is getting in the way of your growth? Is it possible that you’re facing obstacles ahead of you, but you’re really the obstacle?

Great leaders don’t hoard and hold on. Great leaders let go.

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