God Isn’t Far From You

Photo from Unsplash
Photo from Unsplash

Have you ever heard someone say, or maybe said yourself, that someone was “far from God”?

Maybe, you’ve said that about yourself.  “I’ve felt so far from God lately.”

I’m not really sure where this theology slipped into our thinking, but it certainly isn’t biblical. 

When we read the Gospels, we see that Jesus was never far from anyone, let alone those who were out of society’s socially acceptable bounds. We see him hanging out with notorious sinners, prostitutes, and tax collectors. 

In fact, Jesus is called Immanuel, which means “God with is us.”  (see Isaiah 7:14)

When you wander away from the path God has for you, He doesn’t stand back and wait for you to somehow hopefully make your way back. He relentlessly pursues you.

I have no idea where you are, but I don’t have to know to confidentially tell you that God is near you.

Whatever you’ve done.

Whatever you should have done.

God is not far from you.


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