I’ve learned that if there’s ever a part of your life that you moved on from, chances are that eventually you will look back at things you wish you would have done differently. You don’t really see these things while you’re in that season of your life, but afterwords.

Things you wish you would have said, things you shouldn’t have. Things you should have done, things you shouldn’t have. Times you fought pointless battles, and other times where you didn’t fight hard enough.

The beauty of God’s grace is that it doesn’t simply forgive us, but changes us. It doesn’t just give us mercy, but makes us new people. Grace gives far more than is deserved.

That is why I don’t believe you should forget about your mistakes. Sure, you learn from your mistakes. But even more importantly, when your past mistakes collide with your present reality you truly begin to understand grace. And when we truly begin to understand the grace given to us, we can begin being apart of changing the world.

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